Why food pouches SUCKS, A must read by a mom.

food pouches-dangerAs a mother and nutrition expert this was the frustration that lead me to start teaching workshops in the late 90s (still do) and subsequently Yummy Spoonfuls our fresh from scratch organic baby food company was launched. if you feed your baby food from pouches  that you didn’t make at home you want to read this. If you have been to any of my workshops you have heard me talk about this , if you can please make your own baby food or buy fresh, these type of food might come in handy once in a while when you are totally strap for time but by no means should it be the food you feed your baby day in and day out.

This is a great article by  
Recently, I—and apparently a lot of other parents, too—have stumbled across a seemingly brilliant solution to this problem: spoutedblended fruit andvegetable pouches. (The annual revenue of Plum Organics, one of the first companies to sell these products, grew from $200,000 in 2008 to $39 million in 2011, according to Forbes.) Parents everywhere—including all-organic, anti-processed-food types—are raising tots who have plastic pouches growing out of their mouths, and can you blame them? The snacks are convenient; they’re virtually spill-free; they’re ubiquitous (on sale at Starbucks!); and they’re pure blended fruit and vegetables, so we can feel good about giving them to our kids.

I looked into these snacks last week, and I was sad to learn that they’re not as perfect as they seem. Certainly, if you’re choosing between a BuddyFruit Pure Blended Fruit To Goand a chocolate chip cookie, then God yes, pick the BuddyFruit.

Read full article here Slate.com

Why your baby needs to be eating organic spinach

Spinach-smoothie-mugSpinach is a nutritional bonanza, studies  continue to validate it’s ability to protect against cancer, it prevent the body’s cell from undergoing mutation and blocks the formation of nitrosamines which are potent carcinogens. Now you see why fresh organic spinach needs to be a part of your baby’s diet  (raw for older babies, our sone had his 1st raw spinach smoothie at 9months or  very gently steamed for younger babies)

This smoothie is made with organic : spinach, mango, banana, coconut water and chia seeds. This smoothie is very creamy and just perfect for baby who has already tried ingredients listed above and rule out allergies etc.

We also make an amazing dish for babies with organic spinach, organic kale and organic beets call super-green . We make it fresh and ship free to you anywhere in the USA.. To order visit our website http://www.yummyspoonfuls.com


The moment you start asking questions is when change happens!!


And also ask is this going to nourish? is it real food? will this provide the nutrients or is this for fun? what is this ingredient that I can’t pronounce and have never heard about? etc.. the moment we start asking these questions is the moment we start making better choices.. We are what we eat and our kids what we feed them.

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Cree’s mommy Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict talks Yummy Spoonfuls with People.com

When it was time for solid food Instant Mom  Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict knew she wanted the freshest foods for her baby but her busy schedule didn’t afford her the time to cook his meals so she turned to Yummy Spoonfuls.. We are so excited to hear how  today he  loves his spinach and all the other fresh wholesome meals he eat as a baby.. Cree’s mama talks mommyhood, healthy eating  and everyday life with people.com tia-mowry-600x450 Click link people.com  for deets

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Yummy Spoonfuls

Everyday is Mother’s Day $700.00+ giveaway


A group of the most beloved providers of services and products for mothers and babies got together to offer a bundled gift basket worth over $700 to one lucky winner to say thank you for being an awesome MOTHER

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Our babies and the foods we feed them..

fresh-is-best-agatha Feeding your baby (s) with intentionality and care will impart enormous benefits to their present and future health.

Freshly made food is far from easy, convenient or cultural-acceptable —but it is how families have been nurturing their babies for thousands of years and keeping them healthy.

Cook fresh for your baby (s) if you can or buy freshly made food, every child should have the pleasure of eating food that taste good, smells good, nourishing and not older than they are.  We are what we eat and our kids what we feed them.. #yummyspoonfuls

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The Toxins That Threatens Our (kids) Brains


Many parents assume there is a rigorous testing process before a new chemical is allowed to be a part of our supply chain but truth be told there is very little evidence to support that. Our kids are being used as ‘science project’ for all these experiments and these toxic chemicals they are exposed to every day have been linked to cancer, early puberty, asthma, allergies and learning disabilities. By tackling toxic chemicals, we have a major opportunity to prevent some of these health problems. We need safer laws because our children deserve products that are free of toxic chemicals.

“We still don’t have any kind of decent law on the books that requires that chemicals be tested for safety before they come to market,” said Dr. Landrigan

We have to demand for laws that will protect our kids. Every little effort helps, don’t ever overlook the importance of any petition, the only way we are going to see change is for us to demand change. Subscribe to www.saferchemicals.org newsletter so you too can stay inform and don’t forget to call/email your congress Rep.

Here is an in-depth article by the Atlantic’s Dr.James Hamblin on some common chemicals and their effect on our brains especially those of our precious babies.

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Breeding Nutrition Out of Food?

real-food-todayWe live in a society where convenience triumphs over everything else and we are paying a huge price for it. We want everything fast including the food we eat, babies are being fed 2 yrs old cooked food, extra hormones in poultry to fatten it up so we get a 6 week old size bird in ½ the time, produce is harvested way to early to bring to market, chemicals in our soils, fillers in our food, synthetic colors in our food because it is cheaper than using real food colors, the list goes on and on not to mention the horrors of GMO.

New York Times delve deeper into the issue of breeding nutrition out of Food, take a read link to NYT


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Yummy Spoonfuls CEO/CYO talks Motherhood!

mommy-jz-mater-meaWritten by Lisa Kay
Photography by Tim Redman

There’s very little room for resting in entrepreneur Agatha Achindu’s packed schedule. Even when her two younger children have been tucked in bed for a few hours, Achindu is still at it, working on another round of paperwork and food prep that awaits her in the kitchen of her home in Atlanta. As the founder of Yummy Spoonfuls, a line of organic baby food sold in retailers like Whole Foods, sleep is a luxury the 46 year old left behind years ago, thanks to the demands of caring for her sons — Georges (23), Malcolm (15), and Jared-Zane (9) — and running her own business. Although the constant shuffle can be hectic, Achindu believes that the level of sacrifice is worth it.

“The biggest challenge to me is being in a million different places at a million different times because of how I choose to parent,” she says. “Everything is hands on. We don’t do any fast food. We don’t do any processed food. No matter how busy I am, we have to cook. That is my biggest challenge, but at the end of the day I am grateful that I have the opportunity and [the] willpower to do it.” Read complete story on mater mea’s link http://www.matermea.com/#/agatha/4583867159

Toxic chemicals, our kids, and why we need better laws!

tooth-pasteI am getting ready to make another batch of toothpaste for the kiddos, while  the bread bakes in the oven, but wondering what about the parents who don’t have the time like I do to read every label, mill their own grain for bread, make toothpaste, skin butters and the list goes on and on just to protect their kids from toxic chemicals.

Here is why I personally believe that we need laws that will protect our kids, yes my kids are protected because I have become a gorilla in the toxic chemical jungle and work my behind off daily in trying to protect them but lord knows that not everyone can go this distance and we shouldn’t have to work this hard.

Our children deserve safe clean products that are free of harmful toxic chemicals, studies continue to support the fact that some of these  toxic chemicals found in our everyday products   has been linked to cancer, early puberty, asthma, allergies and learning disabilities. By tackling toxic chemicals, we have a major opportunity to prevent some of these health problems.

With your help we will be able to get congress to pass better laws to effectively regulate toxic chemicals in our everyday products. Please start my signing this petition and having all your friends to the same, effective change can only come from us when we let our voices be heard.. Collectively we can make change.

Sign this petition here, then call

Rep. Gingrey and tell him you OPPOSE the Chemicals in Commerce Act. 202-225-2931

Thank you ever so kindly
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