Feeding Your Child With Intention


Feeding Your Child With Intention.

As I sit and reminisce about growing up I can still vividly hear my mother telling us what to eat and what not to eat. “Drink your milk. Eat your vegetables. Drink more water. No, you can’t have sugar in your tea because no child of mine is going to develop diabetes.”   

 I now realize what she was doing all along and I find myself doing the same thing in my own home. Yes, I am my mother’s daughter. I am FEEDING MY CHILD WITH INTENTION.

We all know that feeding our children overly processed foods may lead to obesity and a host of other health concerns. When we talk of overly processed foods it is not just about all the wonderful nutrients that are lost during processing like vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and fiber. These losses pose a major threat to our growing babies. Also of major concern are all the added junk gained during the process like added salt, sugar, chemical additives, and fillers. Cheers!  Agath

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