How Balanced is your table?


There is an innate satisfaction within us as parents that we all experience when our babies reach each and every milestone. From something as simple as their very first smile to a huge challenge like being ready for table food, each step makes us proud.

We can’t wait for our babies to turn one year old and have the pediatrician tell us, “Your baby is now ready for table food and can eat what ever the rest of the family is eating”. Taking allergies into consideration, most of us feel from there on is a “free for all”.

Although your baby is ready to join the rest of the family at meals, we should always remember that the dietary needs we have as adults are not necessarily appropriate for our growing babies. For example, babies need more calories than adults to sustain the growth of muscle, tissue and bone that takes place throughout childhood.

During the first two years of life fat is needed due to the fact that it is the most concentrated source of energy and it is also important for healthy development of the brain and nervous system. Without enough fat in the diet a child would need to burn protein for energy*.  On the other hand, experts tells us that children over five should limit calorie from fat

At the early stages babies are a busy bundles of endless activity with bodies that are in a state of growth and development. They need a constant supply of highly nutritional building blocks not only free of chemicals but equally high in protein, essential fats, complex carbohydrates, and a full complement of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to fuel their active life style.


Some tips to help you make the right choices:

  • Taking into consideration how tiny baby tummies are and given the fact that they can only take so many bites a day, efficiency is of the utmost importance
  • Make sure the diet includes  good calories, protein, calcium, whole grains and other complex carbohydrates, veggies and fruits 
  • Feed babies food that satisfy more than one nutritional requirement i.e. whole grain will satisfy the need for complex carbohydrates and iron
  • Do not feed babies ‘empty’ calories. Make every bite count. Whenever you want to feed something to your baby, ask yourself what nutritional role is that little bite going to play? Remember that every bite your baby takes is a nutritional opportunity for you to nourish your baby with the very best.

    Here at Yummy Spoonfuls, as always, our goal is bringing wholesome convenience to busy parents without all the added junk. Our Chunky Yummy (stage 3) is table food, made especially for babies, which parents will also enjoy. There are choices like, Organic Rice Medley and Organic Adzuki Bean Porridge.  Check out our website for a complete list and pictures of our selection.

    * Your pediatrician might advise on low fat diet if baby is overweight.

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