Local Organic Baby Food Wins National Taste Test

Yummy baby food

Yummy baby food


Yummy Spoonfuls won first place among 12 organic baby foods this month in a taste test. The taste test, conducted by Cookie magazine and a panel of 12 mothers and babies, ranked the products on flavor, texture, ease of use, and general appeal Yummy Spoonfuls was declared the overall favorite.

Yummy Spoonfuls’ five star rating outranked Jack’s Harvest, Healthy Times, Tasty Baby, Happy Baby, Pomme Bebe, Plum Organics, Taste Bud, Petite Palate, Bobo Baby and Mom Made Food.

Below is a snippet from the “Cookie” article for your review.

The frozen, individually packaged foods contain no additives, fillers, hormones, pesticides, added sugar, or salt. The brand is delivered in packages of 12 and offers some of the most creative and texturally interesting flavors we’ve seen.

Where to find it: Ships nationally and available at some specialty stores.

Best for: All stages

What moms said: Yummy Spoonfuls™ earned the top spot among all of our testers and was the clear favorite out of all the brands. With 10 stage-one flavors, 11 stage-two flavors, and four creative stage-three flavors, testers felt they could find something to match their baby’s palate. “We couldn’t get enough of this!” said one mom. “He was done in a flash and begging for more, putting his fingers in the container to get more.” Our moms loved the smell of the Apricot and Brown Rice cereal, which one described as “like cookie dough.” Another raved about the Lentil and Carrot Porridge, saying, “It smelled homemade. It was on the table in five minutes, and I felt good about giving it to my baby.”

To read the entire article please click on the link http://www.cookiemag.com/food/2009/01/organic-baby-food)


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