Fresh Healthy snacks From Scratch: Its Easier than it Sounds!






Fresh Healthy snacks From Scratch: Its Easier than it Sounds!



Atlanta-based JZ’S Foods Inc creator of Yummy Spoonfuls™ —A leading 100% USDA Certified Fresh Organic baby food company in the Eastern United States- Rated # 1 above all 12 leading competitors in the Nation by Cookie magazine Jan 2009—hosts a special workshop at North Fulton Regional Hospital classrooms   3000 Hospital Boulevard  Roswell, GA 30076 on Thursday February 26th from 12:00pm to 1: pm.


The workshop, titled “Pamper Your Little One the ORGANIC Way: will talk about the importance of feeding babies organic, how to feed your child with the intention of good health. Subtle changes in what you feed your kids that will make a huge change in their lives, talk about the direct implication of what you feed your kids and the result you get. Yummy Spoonfuls™   Exec Chef, Agatha Achindu will reveal how to make some quick healthy snacks at home without all the added junk. With the childhood obesity and diabetes on a continual raise it is imperative that we are more mindful of what we feed our kids.


 “It’s very important to train a child’s palate from the earliest stages, so that he or she will have a preference for healthy foods/snacks thus build a lifetime of good eating habits,” says Agatha.  In addition, pure organic baby food that is made fresh—like Yummy Spoonfuls™ —can help children who suffer from food sensitivities or allergies. Yummy Spoonfuls™ is free of dairy, gluten, nuts, additives and preservatives.   


Yummy Spoonfuls™ was founded in 2006 to make it easy for busy parents to feed their children high-quality food. Yummy Spoonfuls™ is 100% USDA certified organic, fresh-packed baby food with 25 wholesome different items to choose from.   It can be found in the freezer section at selected Markets in the region, and ordered at the Yummy Spoonfuls™ website or


Admission  FREE!!! But registration is required, for additional information & registration, please call 770-751-2660


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