Healthy Babies Are Happy Babies™

Starting your kid on a lifetime of good eating habit in today’s society can be very challenging with both parents working to make ends meet or a single parent having to pick-up a second job along with endless after school activities. With such hectic lifestyles trying to balance work and parenthood, it is difficult for parents to watch their own diet let alone that of their children. It is thus not surprising that parents are easily lured by ‘fast foods’



With childhood obesity and diabetes on a persistent rise it is important now more than ever for parents to introduce a healthy eating habit


Some few recommendations to help you stay on track


Be a great role model: it is very important not only to make healthy foods readily available but also to set a good example. Don’t eat junk food and expect your kids to eat healthy wholesome meals – kids mirror their parents.


Meal planning:  get back to the basics, take your kids to your local farmers’ market, have fun planning and buying fresh produce for diner and have everyone help in the kitchen. Kids will likely eat what they help to make.


Idolize wholesome treats: Don’t make the wrong foods a special treat for your kids. Dessert, if needed should be fresh fruits like juicy organic mango, organic apricot, organic papaya, organic pineapple etc.


No “clean plate club”: As parents, there is the tendency that you know what is good for your kids but remember that babies have an innate feeling of when they are full and forcing them to eat makes them to lose that sense. Kids will eat when they are hungry.


Did you say juice?: Offer your kids fresh clean water, statistics shows kids who consume more than 16ozs of juice are at an increased risk of obesity and poor bone density


Family outdoor fun: keep your kids active and away from the TV


Healthy snacks: Your kid will eat what you bring home from the store so make it a point of buying only healthy wholesome snacks for your kids. Instead of regular jelly you can buy the 100% juice sweetened jelly, subtle changes like these go a long way and keep your kids away from harm’s way

Yummy Spoonfuls Rated # 1 Baby Food 

Above all 12 Leading competitors:


–Cookie magazine readers’ panel, January 2009




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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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