Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food and CEO Agatha Achindu to be featured on CNN

For Immediate Release  6/17/09

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Atlanta, June 17, 2009:  Atlanta based baby food company Yummy Spoonfuls and its CEO Agatha Achindu is scheduled to appear on CNN Friday, June 19, 2009. Achindu’s piece will air during the program CNN Newsroom with Tony Harris in a segment called “Survival of the Fittest”. The weekly segment which airs between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. ET highlights small businesses and their owners who are not only surviving but also thriving during this economic recession.

 Achindu is a native of the African nation of Cameroon who now calls Atlanta home. After relocating to the United States in 1991 Agatha completed her college education and carved out an extremely successful career in corporate America. Soon after giving birth to her son Jared-Zane in 2004, Agatha began creating homemade nutritious foods for her new baby. It was not long before her friends took notice. They started putting in small request, and then regular orders, and finally their friends started putting in orders. It was then that Achindu knew she was on to something, Yummy Spoonfuls was born.


  In January 2009 Yummy Spoonfuls received top honors in a Coookie Magazine national reader’s poll.  Six months later CNN has taken notice and has selected Achindu as an entrepreneur who is doing something right. “We are thrilled to have been asked to share our story with America.” said Achindu. “It is a very tough time to be a small business owner. However, I know that a huge part of our success is that we are fortunate to have such loyal and enthusiastic parents who not only never miss an opportunity to let us know how much they love Yummy Spoonfuls, they also never miss an opportunity to tell their local grocers to put the food on the shelves of the markets in their communities.”


  Yummy Spoonfuls believes in being a responsible Eco-Citizen. Fresh fruits and vegetables are purchased from local farmers and suppliers to ensure high-quality taste and maximum nutrients. To date the company has over 24 diverse offerings in its Creamy Yummy, Mushy Yummy, and Chunky Yummy stages. In January 2009 Yummy Spoonfuls was rated #1 Baby Food: Best Taste, Best Overall, and received Five Stars in a Cookie magazine readers’ panel.  Yummy Spoonfuls CEO Agatha Achindu has been featured in numerous publications and is frequently interviewed and quoted on the importance of educating moms on developing proper eating habits for their children. 





3 responses to “Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food and CEO Agatha Achindu to be featured on CNN

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  3. It makes you feel good to some small businesses make it! It also makes you sick to see banks not interested in helping our country grow, with new businesses and jobs.

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    Our small company helps entrepreneurs get the cash they need from their 401k savings, and they get 100%, since by setting up a pension trust, they pay no taxes or penalties.

    Again, what a shame more small business owners don’t know about this opportunity.

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