Commercial production of nutritious food is feasible. My quest for a good bread substitute for my family

We make our own bread at home. We do not have a bread maker and up until now we have loved being able to do it. We have taken pride in making our bread. It is delicious, our son loves it, and I love the look on his face as he watches the dough double in size. That is priceless. Unfortunately, for the past couple of months it has become more of a chore than the pleasure it used to be given that we have gotten extremely busy and not enough time on our hands.

Thus my search for a good organic bread that I can serve my family without any sense of guilt. I hit a couple of my favorite stores and was completely mortified by what was listed on the labels. Some of the breads had more than twenty ingredients listed.  I was shocked and amazed seeing how I only use 5 ingredients including water to make my bread. These simple ingredients are the same 5 ingredients my mother used, her mother before her, and her mother before her. Our family’s simple bread recipe has been made the same for generations. So after visiting 6 different stores and finding that most of the breads I came across all had what seemed like a million extra, unnecessary ingredients, I began to think that it might be commercial bread just can’t be nutritious because I found the same bread all over the place.

 After five days of searching I finally found a bread that I could feed my family, that was not only organic but had only six ingredients listed on the label, just one more ingredient than my mom’s homemade recipe. So I bought it.

 The directions on the bread were simple.  Eat or freeze immediately, that was it. We purchased a loaf and it tasted heavenly. It was moist, fluffy, a little coarse and chewy just like home made. So the next time you go to buy bread look at your label.

Below is a list of the ingredients on my whole wheat bread label

Organic whole wheat

Organic coarse rye




Filtered water

As Dr. Maya Angelou says, “We do better when we know better”.  We know there is healthy and nutritious commercial bread at an economical price. Therefore, the million dollar question is, what drives one company to make bread with only six ingredients and the other to make the same bread using more than twenty ingredients, most of them unnecessary. One might conclude that the company using all of the extra ingredients might be adding a lot of extra simply to extend the shelf life of their bread.

For those of us who bake we know you don’t need 20 ingredients most of which we can’t pronounce to make good bread.

I haven’t had to get up at 4 a.m. to mix dough in a while. My family has grown to love the commercial brand that I buy. When purchasing your own bread, make sure that you are only getting a product with essential ingredients and nothing extra. Remember, there are healthy, convenient, and delicious breads on the market. You have just got to remember to check the label on your next trip to your local grocer or farmer’s market.


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