Organic turnips green pasta

Organic turnip green pasta

This took me roughly 45 minutes from start to finish and my 4 ½ years old loves it.

Pasta (1/2 box)
1 large organic tomato slicer
½ organic red onion
organic leaks
organic turnip green (about half cup- I always buy from the farmers market blanch and freeze so it is always handy when needed)
Left over organic grilled chicken
organic Cold press olive oil
Basil (from my garden)
dash of salt and black pepper to taste

Boil pasta (follower direction on the box)
Chop your tomato, onion, leaks and put in a sauté pan or pot (cook down- about 8 minutes)
In the meantime ( if your turnips is frozen defrost it)
Add 2 table spoon olive oil in to the tomato base, add chicken, drain pasta and add along with your greens, stir and serve. Fun, healthy and very easy to make.

From my kitchen
Have a healthy weekend.


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