Why are we fat

If you put milk and sugar on sawdust it is going to taste good, our addiction to cheap food is costing us our health. It is also very sad that the society has been made to believe all the chemicals added to our food supply should be considered innocent until proven guilty  I feed my family  FOOD not the science project that food has become today.  Food today is overly processed with stabilizers, sweeteners and preservatives so the food can literally outlive us.  We should start taking a closer look at the labels before buying it.  Demand more for your money. We only have one live. Cheap food at the end of the day is more expensive per life time cost.  Like Nicole said, I eat everything under the sun so long as it is wholesome and organic and still the same size I was 20 years ago. I say to America lets start eating ‘FOOD’ and get of the settee and the fat will start dropping off.


Have a healthy weekend and don’t forget to look at your label-



One response to “Why are we fat

  1. In general, I agree. Although I would argue that exercise is required as well. Calories out, calories in. And yes, the types of calories matter as well. So we’re on the same page there. Whole wheat products are great. Reduced fat products are good so long as they aren’t adding things to make up for the taste (just remove the fat, don’t add corn syrup to it, thanks). Reduced sodium, whenever possible, can save your life.

    Sure, genes play a factor, but that’s no excuse for giving in to the cards you were dealt.

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