Take Care of Number 1

Ah yes, Cold and Flu Season is upon us.   That, coupled with all the busyness of the upcoming Holidays, can leave the door open for a vulnerable immune system.  For parents, this can be one of the most hectic times of the year.  Caring for loved ones and handling all of the extra to-do’s that pop up this time of year can be overwhelming.  If you are like me, you grin and bear it and happily add all those extra items to the many things you already do on a daily basis.  Yes, some things may suffer… you may get less sleep than you need, you may not exercise or take time out for yourself as priorities naturally shift.  While taking care of and doing things for others is a great way to show them that you love them, remember to take time to do things that are good for you – things that help you relax and keep a sense of well-being.  Because if you find yourself worn out, too tired, or sick, everything else will come to a screeching halt!   Starting today you must take care of you!

It is extremely important while we are focusing on the best for our little ones that we also extend the same care and consideration to ourselves.   Only when we are healthy and well rested can we truly take care of others.

Take some time for yourself.  Ask for help from loved ones, accept an offer of help from a friend, enjoy some time off, and remember what it was like before you became a 24-hour caregiver.  Do something you enjoy and that is good for yourself that can improve your health.  Some suggestions you might consider are:

A massage, a chiropractic adjustment, or an acupuncture session
Get moving – dance, walk outside, yoga, jogging
Take a nap, enjoy a sauna or relax in a hot bubble bath
Spend some time in the sun
Read a book

If you can’t get away from your little one, then do something fun or out of the ordinary with them; take them somewhere fun like a park, a zoo, an aquarium, a duck pond.  Break out of your everyday routine.  This will give you a renewed sense of energy and recharge your batteries.

Once you are energized and refocused, take some time for meal planning for yourself and your family.  When planning meals and snacks for our little ones, make sure you do the same for yourself.  This is especially important when you are running errands, carpool, etc.  Remember to pack snacks for you and for them.  

Don’t forget breakfast.  It’s the most important meal of the day.  It’s what gets you going and keep you going through the morning.  If you don’t have time to prepare a hot breakfast every morning, plan ahead.  When you make French toast, pancakes or waffles, make extra and freeze or refrigerate them in a glass container separated by parchment paper.  This way you can take them out as needed during the week.  A quick, healthy topping is any of Yummy Spoonfuls Pears or Apples with cinnamon.  A homemade quiche or frittata can be made ahead and baked in the morning or if they are already made, as they can easily be reheated or even eaten cold.   Homemade oatmeal (soaked overnight to remove the phytic acid) topped with your favorite Yummy Spoonfuls flavor makes for a delicious and wholesome breakfast that your entire family will enjoy.  With a little creativity and planning a warm breakfast is only a few minutes away.

Following this advice will ensure that you are well rested, reenergized, and well fueled with a warm substantial meal in the morning leaving you ready to take on anything the season thrusts upon you with style, grace, and good health.


 By Julia’ s mami
 Heather Tubbs


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