Everytime I meet someone new they always ask the same question. How did you get started.

As a child I grew up on fresh organic foods taken from our own gardens or purchased raw and fresh from the local markets and prepared that same day.

When I first moved to the United States, I was determined to maintain my organic lifestyle and not fall victim to the “convenience” foods that are so popular in the states because of the busy lifestyle. I have been cooking since the age of 9, so it was easy for me to alter recipes, incorporating wholesome, organic ingredients in order to provide safe and healthy meals for my family, my friends and myself. In very little time I became the “go-to” person whenever a friend, relative or coworker was looking to convert a favorite recipe into a more wholesome recipe. My dinner parties soon became the hottest events in our community. To this day, friends often have me prepare food for their special events and provide recipes to help them prepare healthy versions of their favorite foods.

When I became pregnant, I knew that I would feed my baby nothing but organic food. About six months into my pregnancy, I started scouting around for the best organic baby food on the market, and faced my first major challenge. I had always taken it for granted that organic baby foods, largely advertised as having NO ADDITIVES, NO FILLERS, NO HORMONES, NO PESTICIDES, NO ADDED SUGAR OR SALT, etc. would look completely different than conventional baby foods. To my surprise, none of the foods were easily recognizable; peas were a brownish green, and carrots were dull brown.

I picked up a jar of peas to verify the ingredients listed as well as the production and expiration dates. The ingredients listed were just peas and water, but that could not explain why the food looked nothing like the vibrant green of fresh peas. I looked at the expiration date on the jar and to my horror, the baby peas had an expiration date a year and a half away!  This meant that in one year, my as-yet unborn child could be eating the food I was looking at on the shelf that day. I could not visualize myself eating food that was a week old, let alone 2 years, feeding such old food to my child was unthinkable.

I started doing some research on commercially prepared foods and discovered that commercial brand baby foods are prepared using a process largely unchanged since the 1930’s.  Foods are heat-treated in order to maintain their two-year shelf life, and in this process the taste, vibrancy , texture and nutrition are all significantly diminished. This is the reason for the dull colors and extra additives like sugars and vitamins. It was clear that it was up to me to make my own baby food.

I soon found out that making pureed baby food was not as easy as I initially thought, even for a seasoned cook. Sitting in my kitchen looking at all the gadgets, I realized how much time it would take to shop for, cook, puree, and strain the food.

Making organic baby food from scratch is a process that could drive anyone crazy, let alone working parents who are still trying to adjust to parenthood and bond with their babies.  Many a day I wished there would be another option; a carefully prepared, fresh, organic food I could buy with my groceries.

THAT was the genesis of Yummy Spoonfuls Baby Food.   I wanted to provide fresh organic baby foods to all of those parents who, like me, truly want the very best for their babies. At Yummy Spoonfuls, our goal is to improve the way we feed our children and to help parents understand that better eating habits truly start with the very first spoonful.



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