Making salt and sugar- Childhood Memories

Making either sugar or salt from scratch was one of many fun memories I remembered as a child. We had gone to Limbe beach (it used to be called Victoria beach) and carried water from the sea (Atlantic Ocean), when we got back home my ma put the sea water into a big pot and boiled until all the water evaporated leaving behind a mass of pale white crystals of salt.

Making sugar was fun but a bit frustrating given the fact that we wanted to eat the sugarcane fresh from the earth immediately

There was such an enormous simplicity to life then that I am trying to pass on to my son. We have been working on making fresh organic tomato pasta sauce from scratch, this is honestly so easy to make and taste so fresh, not to mentioned the fact that all unwanted extras like sugar etc are excluded.  Growing up sugar was something that was used in pastries or coffee/tea etc never in food so I am passing the same tradition, food just taste a lot better if you are able to savor it, sugar makes everything taste the same somehow.

As my mami puts it, if you put milk and sugar on sawdust it is going to taste good, but it is still dirt.

As always eat/feed only that which is nourishing to the body and easy on the earth and also that practice makes perfect-



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