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For immediate release January 1, 2010
Cheryl Wilson

Marietta, Georgia January 1, 2010 – In a move to optimize children’s health, Yummy Spoonfuls’ award-winning certified organic baby food is now on the menu at Fio360. Fio360—said to be the nation’s first eco-friendly day care center—is known for its chemical-free building design and commitment to organics.  Fio360 chose Yummy Spoonfuls to serve at mealtimes, and is offering the product for sale in its retail space. The new alliance represents a strategic move for Yummy Spoonfuls, which has only been available at retail.

Offering the products within a day care setting is consistent with Yummy Spoonfuls’ mission—to start children off with the best possible food. Yummy Spoonfuls’ founder and CEO Agatha Achindu frequently speaks out on the importance of diet as it relates to various childhood diseases, Achindu believes the best baby food is fresh and pure–that means no chemicals, additives or preservatives. While difficult for small businesses to achieve, organic certification remains the consumer’s best assurance of purity, according to Achindu.  Achindu’s passion for quality and the health of her baby led her to found Yummy Spoonfuls in 2006.

When Cookie Magazine online conducted a reader’s poll earlier this year, Yummy Spoonfuls was named Number One over 12 other organic brands. This recognition brought Yummy Spoonfuls national attention. Agatha Achindu says her company’s new alliance with Fio360 speaks to the urgency of solving children’s health issues.

“There is so much evidence that toxins in the environment are hurting our children,” says Achindu. “One powerful solution is to buy organic. Fio360 is taking a serious leadership role, by showing how a safe, chemical-free environment nurtures children. Organic food is a major part of that vision. I am so excited that Yummy Spoonfuls can help provide meal solutions for babies at Fio360.”

Fio—from the Latin “to become”—expresses the company’s commitment to early education excellence. Fio360’s core idea centers around whole-child development, with eco-friendly surroundings and organic meals. The center features the Pyramid Learning System; state-of-the-art security; safe, shoeless environment; soothing and stimulating décor; active arts; and a dynamic rooftop playground.  Fio360 serves 238 children ages 6 months through 4 years old in their full-time care and learning programs. The innovative Pyramid program was developed by Dr. Jef Van Kuyk. This critically-acclaimed program is used in the Netherlands (one of the world’s most literate countries), as well as Germany, Japan and India.

Founded by Crissy Klaus, Fio360 fulfills her vision of the ideal place to nurture her own children: no PVC plastics, floors with radiant heat, non-toxic cleaning products, kid’s yoga, and of course, organic food. Fio360’s Executive Director Linda Owens, an experienced educator and mother of two successful adult daughters, says that she is so excited to be working with Fio360 and Yummy Spoonfuls to integrate healthy practices into child care across the spectrum, and teach others about the company’s innovative operation.

“We are just thrilled to be using Yummy Spoonfuls at Fio360,” says Owens. “We know that Yummy Spoonfuls has the nutrition to help our babies grow. We are convinced that it is a quality, fresh product.” Owens moved from Phoenix, Arizona to join the company, after 30 years in early childhood education and administration. Owens and her staff believe that Yummy Spoonfuls’ baby food fits right into Fio360’s mission. “This partnership is a wonderful blend of both of our businesses,” says Owens.

Fio360 also offers parental support, from refreshments to a parent workspace.  An upcoming seminar at Fio360 on January 16, 2010 seeks to educate parents on child nutrition. Yummy Spoonfuls’ Agatha Achindu will be speaking on the benefits of an organic diet.

Yummy Spoonfuls offers a diverse line of products that are made from all natural ingredients grown without chemical pesticides, nitrates, growth hormones or other harmful substances. The foods are dairy and gluten free and are produced without artificial additives or processing chemicals. Additionally, while many organic food companies heat-treat foods, reducing the available nutrients, Yummy Spoonfuls baby food is fresh-frozen to lock in every available drop of nature’s goodness.  Yummy Spoonfuls is available in 3 product lines: Creamy Yummy (Stage 1); Mushy Yummy (Stage 2); and Chunky Yummy (Stage 3).

About Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food

Founded in 2006, the concept for Yummy Spoonfuls was born when Agatha Achindu was expecting her first child, and began to explore healthy baby food options.  Upon extensive research, Agatha discovered that even “organic” baby food products had expiration dates of up to (2) years.  This meant that in many cases, babies were eating food items that were older than they were.

Armed with a firm resolve to provide healthy food items for her child, Agatha made every morsel of food for her baby.  Today, Agatha and her hard-working staff continue the same homegrown tradition that began Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food – every ounce of food is made from scratch using only organic ingredients – no fillers, extenders or preservatives. As the childhood obesity rate in the United States continues to surge out of control, Yummy Spoonfuls hopes that today’s parents will start their children’s lives with healthy, natural foods vs. fat, calorie and sugar-filled processed foods. With a wide variety of more than 23 distinct and flavorful organic food items for babies, infants, and toddlers, Yummy Spoonfuls is a privately held company based in Marietta, Georgia.

For more information, please call 678.464.3103 or visit http://www.yummyspoonfuls.com.



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