Emergency dinner (when there is little choice)

If I knew it was going to turnout this well I would have taken pictures. It has been a hectic week with little time to shop, we got the freshest broccoli for the kitchen and I took a crown home to make dinner, little did I know that there was very little in the house (going to the market tomorrow) to add to my luscious broccoli.

I had some organic brown rice pasta in my pantry, organic onion left over from yesterday’s scrambled eggs, few cloves of garlic and olive oil and boy no tomatoes in sight, (I love fresh organic tomatoes, from salads to my stews, jellof rice and traditional soups ) there were also 2 cups of Yummy Spoonfuls™  organic butternut squash defrosting in the refrigerator for tomorrow’s bread ( pls don’t ask) .  Oh well, as my mom would say ‘mami you can make it work’.

This actually turned out to be one of the best pasta dishes I have ever made. Boiled my pasta, sautéed onion and garlic in olive oil, needed to give the pasta a creamy base so guess what I added, the 2 cups of butternut squash in the sautéed onion and garlic, added some organic bragg amino liquid to taste, added my cooked pasta, the broccoli got in last. The vibrant green from the lightly cooked broccoli to the deep yellow from the butternut squash, coupled with the brown undertone from the pasta made it look so good. I did not get a chance to taste  (yes this happens when you are always cooking) it but oh my it looked really good. Little to say it was on and off the table in seconds.

My five year old is such a picky eater, I tell people all the time that he is truly the reason why our meals are so yummy because he has a difficult palate to please (I know my friends are laughing their heads off saying what an understatement).

Now that the family is well fed, I am going to have my ‘me time’, though it doesn’t sound as exciting as going of to salsa or flying off to Paris  or Italy  I love a good cup of tea with my boys far away .

Have a wonderful dinner everyone and please remember to feed only that which will nourish your family.


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