GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Simply put, genetic engineering is the process of taking genes from one strain of plant, animal or virus and inserting them in another, with the goal of reproducing characteristics of the original species in the receiving species.

So for example, animal genes could be inserted into fruits and vegetables. This process creates organisms that have combinations of traits not usually found in nature.

Here is a list of the genetically modified crops in our market.
Yellow corn
Dairy products

What are the potential risks of GEIs?
•Unpredictable health effects, such as food allergies brought about by the introduction of new genes to any organism or plant.
•Freshness may be an illusion with genetically engineered Foods; they will look good but may have diminished nutritional value.
•Genetically engineered foods may carry antibiotic resistant genes, which could reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics when taken with those foods, and also aggravate the problem of antibiotic resistant organisms.
•Strict vegetarian diets may be compromised since unknown animal genes may be inserted into fruits and vegetables.
•Damage to the environment – since new genetic information could cross into other related life forms causing imbalances in the ecosystem. Etc

Are you taking a closer look at your food label?

resource:Organic Consumer Association
The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods


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  1. I just found out about you on a blog directory. I think is is wonderful what you have done for the green movement as well as all of the information you provide about eco parenting. I wish you much success.

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