The Enlightenment Lunch Series

Chief Yummy Officer (CYO) Agatha Achindu  of Yummy Spoonfuls™ organic baby food  at the Enlightenment Lunch Series.  The series, which includes four luncheons, is an initiative headed up by Emory, Laura Turner Seydel, Stephanie Blank and Lisa Tush with a mission to bring national health experts in to educate Atlantans on issues that affect our families on a daily basis, and what we can do to live healthier lives. This luncheon, which took place on February 24th and was the second in the series, included emcee Karen Greer from 11 Alive News.

The speaker Dr. Phil Landrigan, a pediatrician at Mt Sinai hospital and a leader in the National Children’s Study.  He talked about toxins that are found in products we use every day ( food, shampoo, perfume, etc.) and the direct implication they have on our kids health highlighting links to autism and ADD.

For years and years on a grass root level I have been raising awareness about some of the devastating effects the chemicals in our food supply chain is having on our kids (actually started Yummy Spoonfuls ™ out of frustration to help give our kids a fresher more wholesome food) and through our workshop teach parents how to feed their precious family food free of items that might have the potential to harm.

It was an honor to sit and listen to the expert address the same issues but with some serious data to support it. Laura Turner Seydel is an amazing mother and my hero, championing a healthy lifestyle and planet for our kids is her life’s mission. We all have the power to make a change, is there any thing in your home that might have the potential to harm your kid?

For more about the national children study click on the link below

On a lighter note the lunch itself was fantastic, made with organic ingredients provided by our very own Destiny Organics.

Agatha Achindu and Laura Turner Seydel at the enlightenment Lunch.

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