Is flour added to your baby’s food?

Not all baby food are created equal, please take a look at your food label and verify that it doesn’t have thickeners added. Flour (filler) is a thickener and used exclusively for that purpose in baby food to help manufactures create bulk with very little food by adding too much liquid then using the flour to mask it  and thus reducing the amount of nutrients which are vital at this early stage of child development.

This is typical in a lot of the stages 2 and 3 meals  including organic.  Do not feed babies ‘empty nothing’, make every bite counts. Look at the food label of your baby’s food; DO NOT FEED your baby food that has flour (fillers) added to it.

Remember that every bite your baby takes is a nutritional opportunity for you to nourish your baby with the very best.

Here at Yummy Spoonfuls™ as always our goal is bringing wholesome convenience to busy parents without all the added junk. You will not find any flour/fillers  in our meals because we don’t water it down. If you cannot make your own food please make sure you look at the label closely and identify every ingredients and their role.

Our adzuki beans (stage 3) as all 25 of our meals comes packed full of nutrients with no added junk

Here is a sample recipe of one of our fillers free food.

Organic adzuki beans, organic sweet potato, organic basil, organic ginger, organic cold pressed olive oil and water. Yes it is really possible to make baby food without adding flour.

Happy feeding

In health


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