Who is your farmer?

Last year our son then 4 planted and harvested his very own tomato, he was so proud of his accomplishment, told everyone how daddy used all his tomato to make salad. Granted that his little garden only had a few tomato and basil but the whole idea is getting him to really understand where his food comes from and to instill a deep respect for Mother Earth at this early stage-

He is cognizant of the fact that he cannot dirty the Earth because that will subsequently dirty his food and he doesn’t hesitate to tell his friends when they liter.

As a child getting up in the morning and going to the garden to harvest fresh fruits and vegetable or picked freshly laid eggs for breakfast was just as normal to us as someone doing a quick run at a drive through today. We want him to grow and feel connected to Mother Earth even though he is a city kid like we did.

This year we are giving him a bigger spot to garden because he now has a list of fruits  (yes that’s right thought I am not sure how we are going to make that happen with our Georgia soil) and vegetables that he wants to plant- watermelon is for Faith and Macy and strawberries for his sister Mimi, tomato and basil for daddy and purple/white flowers for mami.

We are going to take him to Pavo  GA this summer (about 4 hours drive) www.dreamingcow.com to see how his yogurt is actually made.

Here is a picture of our young farmer, who is your farmer and do you know where your food is coming from?

Happy eating


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