Baby’s food should not contain any salt

Baby’s food should not contain any salt but if you are adding salt or feeding baby from your plate, take a look at your label and verify that it does not contain Yellow Prussiate of Soda, or any other additive. YELLOW PRUSSIATE OF SODA is an anti-caking agent, sometimes added to salt, to prevent the crystals from sticking together.

Over the weekend, I met a wonderful lady who had been sick for two years. The doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her, since all tests came back negative. They thought the pain might be psychological.

Two years later, a persistent doctor finally was able to diagnose the real issue—she was having an allergic reaction to Yellow Prussiate of Soda. Who would ever think about checking your table salt for harmful additives? You can’t be too careful—chemicals are everywhere in our food.

Happy feeding


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