Delectable Quinoa & Chicken-Mushy Yummy (Stage 2)

Delectable Quinoa & Chicken-Mushy Yummy (Stage 2)

This is a great meal especially if your  baby needs a very high protein diet.

1)   ½ cup organic quinoa

2)   1 cup water or home made unsalted chicken stock

3)   2 tablespoon organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil

4)    ¼ cup organic leaks (open and washed use white stalk only) chopped

5)   ¼ cup organic carrot (peeled, washed, diced)

6)   ¼ cup organic parsnip (peeled, washed, diced)

7)    2oz organic boneless chicken breast  (washed, diced)

Add olive oil to pan, add leeks, chicken and sauté for about 5 minutes while stirring, add carrot, parsnip and stir for a minute, add water (or stock) and cover, bring to a boil , add quinoa and cook for about 15  or until quinoa is nice and fluffy  (like rice) and there is no extra water in the pan. Cool food in a shallow pan in a cooler/freezer and puree to the right consistency of your baby.
Good source of protein from both the chicken & quinoa, beta-carotene, iron and folate

There is no need for added flour (fillers) because the meal is not watered down, make sure the food you feed your baby doesn’t come with any added flour, flour is mostly used to thicken the food to help mask the ton of water added. Do not feed babies ‘empty nothing’, make every bite counts, whenever you want to feed something to your baby ask yourself what nutritional role is that little bite going to play?

Remember that every bite your baby takes is a nutritional opportunity for you to nourish your baby with the very best.

Some tips to help you make the right choices:

Taken into consideration how tinny baby tummies are and given the fact that they can only take so many bites a day efficiency is of the almost importance

-Make sure the diet is sufficient with good calories, protein, calcium, whole grains and other complex carbohydrates, veggies and fruits WITH OUT FLOUR (FILLERS)

-Feed babies food that satisfy more than one nutritional requirement i.e. wholegrain will satisfy the need for complex carbohydrates and iron

-Do not feed babies ‘empty nothing’, make every bite counts.

Here at Yummy Spoonfuls™ as always our goal is bringing wholesome convenience to busy parents without all the added junk. You will not find any flour in our meals because we don’t water it down. If you cannot make your own food please make sure you look at the label closely and identify every ingredients and their role


2 responses to “Delectable Quinoa & Chicken-Mushy Yummy (Stage 2)

  1. That sounds REALLY yummy!

    • Yes Nicole and it taste really good, we have actually serve this at our parties as h’orderves a couple of times and there usually is nothing left at the end. Georges & I made mini wraps with crisp organic lettuce.

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