Like adult’s babies have the same need for great tasting food

For generation babies and parents alike share a huge dislike for baby food, instead of making flavorful foods to fix this issue- a new culture was introduced in an effort to have babies eat their excessively bland tasteless foods- veggies and fruits are mixed together, there is added sodium or sugar creating in it’s wake a new generation of kids with a dependency to sweets- wonder why childhood obesity and diabetes are on a rise for decades?

Like adult’s babies have the same need for great tasting food, an adult would not eat badly made broccoli if apple or pear sauce was added to it but we expect our kids to eat it.

Parents who have the time to make their own food can easily attest to the fact that babies truly love their foods including veggies.  Invest time in quality food for your baby and you will not have to deal with trying to figure out how to sneak in veggies when they are older.

Peas for example is naturally sweet, it becomes a problem when it is over cooked and diluted with water making it into something bland instead of the rich vibrantly green pea pods that is bursting with flavor when properly made.

At Yummy Spoonfuls we know how to make food, there is a reason why we were voted best organic baby food out of all 12 leading brands in a nationwide taste test by Cookie magazine.

 Testers cited the wide variety of flavors and the delicious taste. “We couldn’t get enough of this!” said one mom. “He was done in a flash and begging for more, putting his fingers in the container to get more.” One mother described the Apricot and Brown Rice cereal, as “like cookie dough;” and another described the Lentil and Carrot Porridge, saying, “It smelled homemade. It was on the table in five minutes, and I felt good about giving it to my baby.”

 According to Conde Nast, publisher of the magazine, Cookie is a family lifestyle magazine tailored to the sensibilities of parents with young children. Catering to a mom with a sophisticated lifestyle, it covers fashion, travel, food, health and nutrition, home, and beauty in a modern way, giving mom’s permission to retain their pre-motherhood sense of style and adventure.


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