A taste from 2006

August 2006, I was chatting with the Chef while he made my sandwich/salad, I told him I loved the way he handles his veggies and also commented on how fresh everything looked, he was not surprised that I was so interested in the small details, he took the time to explain to me that ‘it is all about using the freshest ingredient and handling it with the utmost care’, he proudly explained to me where the  produce and ingredients he was using came from (a local farm & Dekalb farmers market respectively).

It was the best salad I ever had, I am so very particular about what I eat but boy that was great food and yes  4 years later I still crave for it, that should tell you how good it was. On occasion I see the chef at our local farmer’s market- still meticulously hand picking fruits and veggies making sure he takes back just the crème de crème.  That fantastic chef is David Sweeney of DYNAMIC DISH, I just found out today that he closed his wonderful café and he is now with one of Atlanta’ finest  Restaurant Eugene. http://restauranteugene.com/index.html , if you never got the chance to experience David’s  cuisine at the Dynamic dish please make sure you visit Restaurant Eugene when next you visit our wonderful city in you are not local.

Though Chef Sweeney might never recall that day nor remembers me, I still carry the taste of his food in my mouth.

It is always about using the finest ingredient and handling it with the utmost of care-

You are what you eat-


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