Today’s packed school snack and lunch for my wonderful son


I continue to pack my son’s school  snack and lunch each and every day (3 yrs and countin), I love making sure that my son eats ‘FOOD’ that is nourishing to his ever developing and extremely active body. I will not knowing allow my family to eat anything that might have the slightest potential to harm. It is one more thing to do but I do it with love knowing that feeding my son the freshest, cleanest (free of toxins ) most nourishing food  is the first, most basic thing I  do to raise him right.

Today’s snack pack:
Organic sliced mango
Organic carrots/ celery with  hummus
Organic mini peanut butter cracker.

Organic  Chinese fried rice brown rice

I make easy fun food that will hold well in his thermos  for 5 hours without changing texture and color.


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