Done cooking/packing tomorrow’s snack and lunch for my wonderful son

This is one challenge I don’t mind handling even if it means staying up late to make lunch for my wonderful boys (hubby & Son), or waking up extra earlier  (5am). I love knowing that what I feed my family is free of any harmful chemicals or unwanted and needless fillers. I grew up knowing food is my medicine from my mother and grand ma and I am making sure that my son grows up with that same philosophy. We have only one body, I just can’t knowing put anything into it that is not going to nourish.  Today has been an extremely hectic, decided to make tomorrow’s work/school lunch tonight so I can catch an extra hour of sleep.

For snack.
Organic mango
Organic turkey  (trying to get my son to eat meat, not been very successful )
Organic string cheese
Organic carrots.

Cabbage stew and quinoa (this is a favorite in our home, my son loves very crisp vegetable.


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