What’s for dinner? Beets, cabbage and carrot stew with brown rice-

Saturday was very hectic, early part of the day was spent at the high meadows indoor farmers market. Then there was soccer for our 6 years old, a dash to the farmers market  to grocery shop for the week, by the time we made it back home it was almost dinner. I was too tired and needed to make a no fuss meal that is yummy and nutritious for my family. With a variety of fresh scrumptious vegetables from the farmers market I decided to make a stew (seriously not sure what to call the dish but it was fantastic)

Beets and cabbage stew with brown rice
For the stew: Cabbage, carrot, beets, onion, leaks, ginger, garlic, olive oil and sea salt.
 Peel  and cut carrots (3 large carrots), peel and dice onion (half an onion) and leaks (half of the white part), peel both garlic and ginger (you can use a hand grater/blender or food processor)  put above  ingredients in a pot with 1 cup of water and a dash of sea salt to taste. Peel one beets and slice very thinly (set aside),  gently steam veggies  for about 6 minutes or until water is almost completely reduced in the pot, add cold press olive oil ( to your preference )  add beets and let is simmer  for a few more minutes, meanwhile chop half a cabbage in big chunks and add to the pot. Stir well to get the caramelize yummy juices from the other veggies,  since my family loves extra crispy veggies I don’t let it cook for too long.
Basmati brown is a favorite in our home. I use coconut milk to infuse extra taste and flavor .


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