Today’s lunch and snack for my wonderful 6 year old

Until we successfully give the school lunch a healthy shakedown I will continue to make food for my son. After watching Jamie Oliver’ food revolution  I am more bent than ever to make food for my child because even the ‘freshly’ made food is one that literally took a visa to get to the school and is loaded with all types of preservatives not to mentioned the fact that some of the food stays in the warehouse for months.

Today’s snack is semi homemade peanut butter cracker. I love making his peanut butter and crackers, instead of buying the already made. The peanut or almond butter we use has nothing else added to it but the nuts and a bit of sea salt. We sometimes just mill our nuts at whole foods market.

Today’s Lunch is made with sprouted whole grains flourless bread, this is a new favorite in our home and my son loves it.

I love knowing what goes into my son’s developing body, nourishing him properly is something I take very seriously.


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