Winner to our everyday is mother’s day $1500.00 gift-congratulations-

Hi everyone!
We loved seeing your pictures, and were moved by your stories. Picking one winner was not at all an easy task. Each of you deserves to win, and we are honored you shared a piece of your history as a mom with us!

Here is the story of the winning mommy:
“My name is Kristin & we have an 18mo old Parker & 15 wk old Mason. Two weeks before my husband was deployed to Afghanistan we found out we were pregnant with Mason. My husband has been away since July 2010 & I have raised the two babies alone. Since Mason was 4 wks old he has been in the hospital with Neurological issues. He has not been diagnosed yet but it now being treated by genetic doctors & neurologists. Mason has had a feeding tube in for 10 wks now bc he is failing to thrive. I have been forced to be away from my oldest son […] in the hospital with a very I’ll newborn.” 

Congratulations, Kristin!
We look forward to showering you with these gifts! Each of the participating vendors will reach out to you directly to finalize the details of redeeming the gifts you won!

May motherhood continue to be a journey filled with love, joy, learning and harmony, for each and every one of you!

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