Organic french toast with Almond milk


As crazy as this might sound I cook every day for my family, not saying it is very easy but simply a love pain that I don’t mind enduring. I usually make breakfast, lunch and dinner, giving my very hectic schedule I love meals that are not only easy but needs very little thought added to it.

Today I made French toast, if this is my very first post you are reading know I am very particular about my food especially bread, I usually make bread from scratch because I am so against all the endless preservatives that comes with most breads. The good news is my local farmers market makes bread with only 5 ingredients; just the same way I do at home so occasionally I buy bread from them. Here is really what is needed to make bread- freshly ground organic wheat flour, filtered water, organic honey, yeast and sea salt, so when you see all the other 19 ingredients on your bread label remember that it has nothing to do with making the bread but all about making sure it outlive us on the shelf:)

Got the freshest eggs Sunday from a local farmer, please don’t take my word for it, there is such a huge difference between fresh organic happy chicken eggs and chemical (conventional) chicken eggs. The taste, color and texture are completely different not to mentioned the fact that it is free of toxic pesticide and added hormones

For the toast:

Fresh organic whole wheat bread
Organic eggs (3)
Organic almond milk (1/4 cup)- you can use your milk of choice here
Pitch of sea salt
Organic grapeseed oil for the pan and organic grade B maple syrup:yummy













One response to “Organic french toast with Almond milk

  1. my wife and I are trying today sunday 8/21/11, should be good.

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