Today’s lunch: Organic chicken spinach with quinoa

It is summer and there is an endless array  of the freshest vegetables in the market, today we are having pan grilled organic chicken breast and organic spinach with mushroom with some fantastic quinoa. There was also some fresh bok choy  (make sure you check back tomorrow if you want to see the meal.

My six year old loves his vegetables extra crisp so I have to make sure  veggies are just lightly sautéed so it doesn’t get completely  wilted .

Cooking for me is always my therapy but I am always extremely busy  so I love making items that takes very little time and effort.

Today’s lunch

Strawberry & avocado salad  (salad is something that we eat every day at home so we try to reinvent )

Sautéed spinach & mushroom  (this is one of those dishes that takes about 5 minutes to make- onion, mushrooms, olive oil, spinach and sea salts- that’s it I sautéed for just a few minutes after the onion and mushroom are ready, this has to be very crunchy for my son to it)

Pan grilled chicken (I use a good quality sea salt, fresh ground black pepper and olive oil)

Wild and regular quinoa (I add wild quinoa to almost all the grains I make, love the extra crunch and tanginess it adds to  it, try adding it to your brown rice)

This also makes a fantastic nutrient dense meal for the baby, blend the quinoa, chicken and spinach for yummy meal for the baby.  Remember cooking is very easy, it really doesn’t  require the same type of complexity you find in the science of baking where measurements have to be exact. Commit to making something fresh at the very least once a week.

Have a yummy day


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