Homemade organic doughnuts with a healthy twist-

My goal as a mother is always to provide my family with the very best, this is getting a bit challenging with my now 6yr old son in school and meeting new friends with different eating habits than we have at home, he is getting bombarded not only from million dollar television adds glorifying food that literally have the potential to kill him but from friends he loves who eats those foods.

The good news is I know for a fact that there is always a much healthier and tastier version out there for any and every junk food.  I have been very diligent in communicating this fact to my son, he knows to come to me if he sees or is offered something that is not organic but he really wants to have it. It could be something as simple as candy which for some reason is so rampant in schools (this is a topic on its own) doughnuts or a corndog, whatever it is he knows that I will get it for him without all the harmful chemicals.  As much as I want my family to eat healthy I know not to make them feel left out and the best way is to make sure they trust and love what we eat. I see with my son that healthy wholesome foods really taste good, my son was offered white organic basmati rice, he did not like the texture nor taste and wanted brown rice which is what he is used too. We all have the opportunity to train our kids, you either train them to love wholesome food or over process junk food that have the potential to hurt them, you train them either way- it is not accidental.









Here is a quick recipe for doughnuts that I make at home to satisfy the doughnut craving for my son without all the unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients that comes with mainstream doughnuts.  Recipe courtesy of  Giada De Laurentiis , instead of store bought pizza dough I make our dough at home from scratch using Bob’s Mill 100% whole grain white wheat flour. Doughnuts like any other sweets are treats offered once in a while in our home not an everyday meal. Have a happy 4th .


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