Despite popular believe meat is not the only way for us to get our protein:

Despite popular believe meat is not the only way for us to get our protein; there are lots of other ingredients that contain protein like seafood, plants and dairy. Legumes like beans, lentils etc provide an excellent source of protein.  One of our favorite ways at home to eat complete protein (contains all the amino acids) is the combination of organic brown rice and beans.

 I love providing the very best to my precious family. I know for a fact that the food we eat directly affects our health, attitude and overall wellbeing, this fact is what really drives my food choices, I am responsible for not only my health but that of my family especially my son who is now 6 years old.

Organic brown rice and beans is such an excellent choice of complete protein without the load of fat and cholesterol that comes with most meats. This fantastic meal is packed full of soluble fibers, carbohydrates, vitamin B, calcium, iron and a host of other essential minerals.

For an extra punch and to change texture I add organic wholegrain quinoa into the brown rice, talk about protein harmony – there is goodness in real food – you sure can eat your way to a healthy you.

Here is my son enjoying his lunch, you can truly see the content on his face, my son flourishes well on mostly plant foods. His little body is nourished with only the very best of foods. I do not take lightly the job of feeding my family and keeping them healthy. Our health is our wealth and I plan on keeping us wealthy with the grace of God.



Ingredients for bean stew: Adzuki beans, tomatoes, onion, leaks, ginger, garlic, sea salt and olive oil (we use all organic. You can buy local if you know your farmer)
Ingredients for the brown rice, organic basmati brown rice, organic quinoa, water and coconut oil.

Have a wonderful week y’all and remember there is goodness in wholesome foods.



One response to “Despite popular believe meat is not the only way for us to get our protein:

  1. Very well written as what we said a balance diet that keep all stuff not the one famous for.

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