Make this easy meal fresh for your baby. Organic kiwi

Did you know that kiwi is a powerhouse fruit with super nutrient values? did you know that this little fruits beats out both banana and orange as the top potassium-rich fruits? One large kiwi supplies more than twice the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of vitamin C- This is one fruit that is good for the entire family, my son had his very first kiwi when he was 9 months old, i love giving him fruits that are packed full of nutrients and quite seriously have not been altered.. Kiwi is good for you and your precious baby and the good news is you don’t have to cook it or buy special equipments to make…

Choose kiwi that is plump to the touch, avoid bruised, shriveled looking once (same with all fruits and vegetables), allow to ripe on the pantry, wash to take the fuzzy skin of (adults can eat the entire fruit with the skin), cut into two halves, using a teaspoon scoop out the center that has the little black seeds, you want to be able to scoop out the juicy green part and mush it up for your baby, you can pas it though a ricer or blender if your baby is younger and needs a more creamier texture.

With easy meals like this you can add variety to what you are feeding your precious child with very little effort from you.. You should set a goal for your child to have eaten at the very least 70 different types of food by the time they are one years old. I topped 100 with our son and today there is nothing he won’t eat including raw okra. There is more to baby food that peas, carrot , squash, apples……

Help your baby FALL in love with real fresh food, it gives them a better experience with food. Childhood obesity and diabetes is a reality with very serious consequences, we can’t start our babies off on overly process foods and white rice cereal since it help sets the stage for a love for overly process junk foods…



















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