Organic squash & carrot soup for your baby

Is it chilly where you are today? we know for a fact that a good bowl of soup may not  be the answer to everything but we sure know it makes you feel warm and cozy inside. Treat your precious baby  to some yummy comfort in a bowl.

Here is a fantastic carrot & squash soup to make for your baby… started making this soup for our son when he was 9 months old. Love the versatility of this almost made from scratch soup… in the summer when unusually hot we serve it very chilled to our son outside… so if you are one of the few experiencing some heat you can also make this for your baby today… This will be a welcome change for your baby from the everyday room temperature food…

Puree organic carrot  (

Puree organic butternut squash (you can make yours or buy fresh

Organic vegetable broth (preferable homemade)

Good quality cold press organic olive oil or coconut oil

Add broth to carrot/squash mixture—you are looking for a thin consistency—add oil, heat it up… serve warm.. Watch your baby smile when you spoon this light, warm, refreshing delicate soup into their mouth… You can make a bowl for yourself, add a dash of cayenne pepper and enjoy with a slice of bread.. Happy Sunday


One response to “Organic squash & carrot soup for your baby

  1. So glad to see that organic vegetables are the main ingredient here. So much better for your baby and family than ‘standard’ produce. Babies deserve the best start you can give them, and organic food is one of the ways to do this.

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