Easy homemade finger foods we gave our son

Here are 14 homemade finger foods to offer your precious babies as they begin to explore the world of independence; we never gave our son mainstream finger foods. Just because it has been around forever doesn’t necessary make it right for your baby or family…We get requests daily on recommendations for finger food and I decided to put together a list of what we gave our son.. You all know I am not a fan of any food that has been altered beyond recognition and quite seriously the extrusion process used in making those baby puffs has some very scaring data out there.. Giving your baby real food to play and nibble on as finger foods not only provides better nutrition but also help them connect with different textures, aromas and tastes..


▪ Banana slices
▪ Avocado slices
▪ Steam broccoli floret
▪ Cooked peas
▪ Peeled peach chunks
▪ Shredded cooked chicken
▪ Cooked lentils
▪ cut up cooked pasta
▪ cooked carrots slices
▪ small tofu cubes
▪ Soft chapatti or tortilla pieces
▪ Cheese slices
▪ small bites of low mercury fish (Haddock, Tilapia, Flounder, salmon)
▪ steam cauliflower

As a mother with a son who eat everything including raw okra I know babies who starts of eating right grows up with a love for everything wholesome. It is all about training, we can train our kids from the start to love real food or train them to love process food, at the end of the day it is all about training.  Despite popular believes there are kids like our son who eats their vegetables raw or cooked everyday, enjoy brown rice and eat nutrient dense bread that is made with real grains and are dark as it can be. It is never to late to start, the key is to start doing things differently if you need a different result.. Yummy feeding..


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