Sugar the bitter truth….It’s a poison by itself,” Dr. Lustig says

There are so many facets to obesity but one area that is being overlooked is that we are slowly becoming a product of science and not nature, parents are told just how much milk babies are suppose to drink to be satisfied, from this very early stage the body loses it’s ability to self regulate and with all the added sugar in food starting with baby formula, our kids are turned into an eating machine with no constraints.  There is overeating of the wrong food, we are never going to see a change with all these man made diseases unless we stop creating and supporting the products and lifestyles that creates them in the first place..  Why in the world do we have drinks that contains 7 tablespoons for sugar in 1 serving? Things like these should be illegal but hey if we get healthy then what happens to people who makes billions on our ill health…

Watch video here 


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