Study shows giving babies antibiotics before the age of six months could cause #obesity


As we prepare for September which is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, we will bring to you important articles, blogs, and tips to prevent your child from becoming a statistic and live with optimal health! Read this study.

Giving babies antibiotics before the age of six months could cause them to be chubby children, according to a study published Tuesday.








“We typically consider obesity an epidemic grounded in unhealthy diet and exercise, yet increasingly studies suggest it’s more complicated,” said co-author Leonardo Trasande of the New York University School of Medicine.

“Microbes in our intestines may play critical roles in how we absorb calories, and exposure to antibiotics, especially early in life, may kill off healthy bacteria that influence how we absorb nutrients into our bodies, and would otherwise keep us lean.”

The study adds to a growing body of research warning of the potential dangers of antibiotics, especially for children.

Read full article here

I think on a personal note what is so sad about the excessive use of antibiotic is the simple fact that a lot of the issues like ear infections, recurring running nose can easily be corrected by a change of diet, it can be an allergic problem or that child is not getting adequate nutrients from food, change of diet usually make these go away.. Until we begin to connect the food we are feeding are kids and their health we will continue to have issues and quite honestly it has been proven that antibiotics doesn’t fix the problem, if it did you won’t have the same child come back with the same issue over and over.. what are your thoughts?


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