Flu shots-What top Pediatrician Jay Gordon, MD FAAP thinks about it..

“Flu shots work poorly. Good health works well. No one wants to hear that and TV docs are shilling for the industry” Jay Gordon, MD FAAP..



2 responses to “Flu shots-What top Pediatrician Jay Gordon, MD FAAP thinks about it..

  1. To elaborate, infection with H3N2 may confer lifelong immunity. Vaccination does not. My feeling is that it’s better to get this illness when one is young and healthy and remain protected through more vulnerable years. By the way, I might be wrong.

    • At 45 I have had the flu shot once and got sick as a dog, it is one routine we stay clear of at my house. Thank you for all you do, can’t tell you how many parents I have given your book Disease proof your child as a gift.. I personally believe too much emphasis is put on the flu vaccines instead of the education about eating healthy foods that keeps our immune system in top shape and less likely to get sick.. My son has never had an ear infection nor the flu, saying this to make parents know that having a child with recurring illnesses it not as normal as society is making us think it is.. There are lots of kids like ours from homes that believe in the principal of we are what we eat, optimum nutrients =optimum health.. Thanks again for all you do and for visiting with us. tell your patients about our fresh options for babies http://www.yummyspoonfuls.com

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