Baby Food Basics: Why Fresh is Best for baby.

It’s sad that we live in a period in which the food industry has figured out millions of ways to put x amount of artificial ingredients into something that is supposed to be “healthy” to make it look more appetizing and last longer. Two prime examples are sugar-filled breakfast box cereals and 2-year-old cooked baby food. The chemicals and methods used to generate these synthetic foods are not good for our kids or for us, and studies have shown that they can even be detrimental to our health at times.

We all know by now that feeding our kids a ton of overly processed food may lead to obesity and a bunch of other health concerns. When we talk about processed foods, it’s not just about all the wonderful nutrients that are lost during processing (like vitamins, the minerals, and fiber); we also have to be concerned about all the added “junk” gained during the production process – like salt, sugar, chemical additives, fillers and more. All these unnecessary supplements pose a major threat to our growing babies.


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