Why reading food labels is the first step to keeping kids healthy..

If you are not compulsively reading your food labels you should consider making it a priority.. Labels are an important way for producers like us to tell you about the characteristics of our products. Don’t let yourself be fooled by large words printed on labels that lead you to believe it’s a healthy choice. Sugar if any should NEVER be the 1st or 2nd ingredient on any food/drink you are feeding your kids.. If you look at your labels closely you will be able to catch little marketing tricks, take for example Organic Wild Blueberry jelly, here is what is disclosed on the label, which is the true attribute organic sugar, organic apple, organic blueberry, citric acid, fruit pectin etc. If you did not read the label you have just paid premium blueberry price for sugar apple jelly..


Take time to learn what you are feeding your kids by reading your food labels (even those in fine print).  When it comes to helping our little ones grow healthy and happy, it’s worth taking the time to do it right.  After all… we only get one chance to get it right.


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