Organic is worth it, and here is why

Growing up eating the freshest organic foods harvested from our garden, I am a strong believer of the wonders organic foods provides not only to our health but to the planet, Thousands of miles away from my parents farm I still feed my family nothing but organic, the largest part of our budget goes to food knowing our health depends solely on it. 

That said I also know the importance of eating fresh food, buying organic food that has been processed to death is just as bad as eating overly processed conventional food, they both have very little or no nutrients left. Strive to eat the freshest foods humanly possible; in my house we eat strictly organic because personally it is the only way I know how to eat but I will never pick lifeless organic food over fresh conventional.

Here is a great article by Leah Zerbe on the many benefits of eating FRESH ORGANIC.. Again the key is FRESH..

The nutritional reasons for eating organic are rock solid, according to research. Add the environmental, economic, and wellness reasons, and it’s a no-brainer.

Maybe you heard the hullabaloo over a 2010 journal review written by a well-known researcher who has spent a lot of time discrediting the nutritional benefits of organic food. In the article, Joseph Rosen, PhD, professor emeritus of food toxicology at Rutgers University, suggested that organic food might not be worth the cost. This “new” review didn’t include any new content, or address dozens of recent studies that prove the nutritional value of organic food. Nevertheless, nutritional considerations certainly influence the food choices we make, so it’s a worthy conversation to have.

That said, eating organic involves a lot more than the nutritional content of the food itself. In 2010, the mainstream medical community—in the form of the President’s Cancer Panel—took the major step of urging Americans to eat organic food because of its many benefits, including the fact that it’s grown without chemicals, pesticides, drugs, and hormones linked to cancer, as chemically grown foods are. Read full article


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