Did you know fresh healthy food actually cost less than unhealthy food?

As a society we have been made to believe that healthy foods cost more, and that junk food AKA fast food though unhealthy cost a lot less, convenience and cost has been the two greatest allure to the masses.

Well think again, get ready to be either furious for finding out you have been paying too much money for very little or pleasantly surprise about finding out the truth and not fall prey to big company deception.

Making your own food at home is always the cheapest route and depending on what you are making the healthiest. If you must buy food make sure you are getting your monies worth, there are better options out there, do due diligence to the food you eat and feed your family like your lives depends on it because it does.
Thanks to the New York Times for this detail price comparison between McDonald’s and home cooked meal.  click  here for details



2 responses to “Did you know fresh healthy food actually cost less than unhealthy food?

  1. Reblogged this on NCES HealthBeat Blog and commented:
    This is a great visual about how eating healthy doesn’t cost more than eating unhealthy! What do you think? Have you found ways to save money while eating healthy?

  2. We believe that fresh wholesome nutritional dense foods free of toxins are the essence of good health. Feeding your baby the right foods is a sure way to avoid chronic diet related illnesses in the future. There are families whom like us see the benefits of wholesome fresh food especially with the kids, given that they grow up without having to go through some common childhood ailments like ear infections, recurring colds, be susceptible to every little germ that goes by or suffer from severe allergies.

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