The illusion of what is ‘junk’ food

The diet of the average American child consists of overly processed foods that typically has been ‘manufactured’ and sitting in a warehouse for years








Countless scientific studies have concluded that many of the disorders that commonly affect children of the new millennium have a dietary component due to a deficiency of important nutrients they need to grow into healthy adults.  Parents usually believe that poor diet is typically associated with only ‘cheap’ ‘junk’ food but that is so far from the truth.

As parents we have to be more mindful of the ‘dead food’ diet, the illusion of  ‘health’ these ‘foods’ that has been sitting on the shelves indefinitely provides is a threat to our kids health.  Keep in mind that most processing of food is needed for economic and  not nutritive  reasons, foods that were once healthy when freshly harvested usually ends up  with little or no  nutrients left after excessive processing.

Feed your babies foods that are very minimally processed and free of harmful toxins, their health depends on it

Chief Yummy Officer


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