A well stocked pantry is the best form of preventive medicine!!

“A well stocked pantry is the best form of preventive medicine known to man” With the kids at home for summer break having healthy wholesome foods, snacks and treats readily available is a sure way to getting them eat healthy.







A well-stocked pantry is invaluable especially during the summer break with a house full of kids. It is very easy to get the kids to eat healthy if healthy is the only choice they have at home. My husband and I keep a ‘junk’ free house and our boys are used to eating what we have at home since we don’t stock conflicting options…

From raw nuts, popcorn kennels, homemade dried fruits and vegetables (we use a small food dehydrator), whole fruits like apples, banana, oranges, kiwi, peaches, homemade muffins sweeten with maple syrup or applesauce just to name a few we have them handy at home.

Hope you take the time to prepare a healthy summer for you and your family and that starts with a well-stocked pantry..

Chief Yummy Officer


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