Getting kids to eat their vegetables blissfully

We know that our children need a highly nutritive diet to fuel their rapid development and growth ensuring that they grow to their full genetic potential.
We also know that this can be a huge challenge when you have kids who won’t eat their vegetables.  As a mom with veggie loving kids, I can honestly tell you from experience that it is very possible to get your kid (s) to eat their vegetables, all you need is time along with a variety of vegetables, don’t give up after a few tries, it might take up to 90 attempts to get you child to accept or show liking to a particular taste. I am not a strong believer of the  ‘sneaking in’ concept because of 2 things,

1)    it gives the illusion that your kid (s) is actually eating their vegetables but they are honestly not getting enough.
2)    You end up not training your kid to eat their vegetables since the little veggies are usually buried in something sweet..


That said here are some easy ways that you can incorporate veggies into your kids diet that they can’t resist.. There are enough vegetables in the market to find one that your kid (s) go gaga over. Possibilities are endless, just keep trying..

  • Popsicles (carrots, beets and apple) don’t limit your self
  • Smoothies
  • Pasta sauce
  • Soups
  • Homemade chips like bake kale etc
  • Pancakes (sweet potato pancakes or squash)
  • Breads like zucchini
  • Homemade carrot muffins sweeten with apple sauce (store bough comes with too much sugar and very little carrot)
  • Use butternut squash to replace  some of the cheese in mac N cheese
  • Cauliflower to replace some shredded cheese in pasta
  • Get a food dehydrator and make chips
  • Give them raw vegetables with fun homemade dips
  • Salads with

When all else fails then you lead by example, eat your veggies everyday and slowly the kid (s) will do the same, they all want to be like their parents.

As parents we face many issues, but diet and health remains a fundamental priority. After all, feeding our kids is the first, most basic thing we do to raise them right.

Chief  Yummy officer


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