Change is coming. Chick-Fil-A to stop sales of Antibiotic raised chicken!

Healthy is becoming the new trend, Chick-fil-A commits to Stop Sales of Poultry Raised With Antibiotics. This is the beginning of change towards the right direction.
There is a clear impact of nutrition on the potential development of diseases and other late-life cognitive disorders, this is not news since we have been talking about this for ages but it is good to see companies slowly trying to clean up their act.
We don’t need to be ingesting hormones or antibiotics and the gazillion of other toxins from synthetic colors, additives, preservatives etc, this is a baby step but it is one towards the right direction. The cleaner the food (free of harmful toxins) the better it is to the consumer. We are a long ways away from cleaning up our food supply chain but kudos to Chick-Fil-A  for this move though personally I will still not eat or feed my family fast/processed food, will wait until commercial food is made fresh like we do at home. The fight for real food continues and real soon fresh food like yummy spoonfuls will be the new normal. We are what we eat.. Read story New York Times


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