Healthy eating trend brings much needed change to Fast Food Industry!

For decades I have been talking about the dangers of overly processed foods which are the typical ‘FOOD’ you find at fast food eateries across the country and on most grocery store shelves to whoever is ready to listen.

Don’t get me wrong, food needs to be processed a little but majority of the foods found on the shelves in your grocery store or served at fast food eateries are honestly processed beyond excuse. Some of the items offered are fabricated in laboratories using harmful chemicals that statistics continues to prove is keeping our nation unhealthy.

Processed  ‘fake food’ are bad for our health, these ‘foods’ have their nutrients stripped of and what makes it even worst are the added sugar and a bunch of harmful additives.Parents are becoming more aware of these dangers and are making better choices elsewhere thus a decline in sales. Yeah……

Due to a decline in company sales and an attempt to remain “relevant,”. Yesterday we saw McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson announced they are going to start making ‘high quality (insert snort here), healthier food. Chick fil a is removing synthetic colors from their meals and are going to start using antibiotic free chicken, subway is dropping the bread conditioner AKA yoga mat and today mcdonald’s is working towards healthier meals. Before you know fresh organic food will be the only baby food option. Change is coming.

(NaturalNews) Heightened awareness surrounding the dangers of commercially processed food is hitting McDonald’s, the number one global fast-food chain, where it hurts, their wallet.  Read article here

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