Toxic chemicals in everyday products link to childhood illnesses!

Unfortunately, without realizing it, many parents who wouldn’t consciously do anything to hurt their kids are unintentionally exposing their children to dangerous toxic chemicals found in everyday products.

One would assume that products we find on the shelves are safe but unfortunately that is far from the truth. Many chemicals used in our everyday products, foods and packaging makes their way into our supply chain with little or no regulations, we need stronger laws to help protect and keep our families safe especially our kids.

Some of these toxic chemicals found in our everyday products have been linked to cancer, early puberty, ADHD, asthma, allergies and learning disabilities, by controlling these toxic chemicals we have a major opportunity to prevent some of these health problems.

We got so excited when we heard there is a bill before Congress that is looking into updating some of these laws to help put much needed regulations in place but unfortunately there really is nothing in that bill to protect our families from toxic chemicals, we need to stop this bill in its tracks.

Will you join us in keeping harmful toxic chemicals away from our kids, here is many ways you can help..

– Sign this petition telling Congress to do right by our families and pass REAL toxic chemical reform. Here is the link

– Call Rep. Gingrey and tell him you OPPOSE the Chemicals in Commerce Act. 202-225-2931

As parents we face many issues, but diet and health remains a fundamental priority, When it comes to helping our little ones grow healthy and happy, it’s worth taking the time to do it right. After all… we only get one chance to get it right. Pls take the time to help bring change.

Proud mommy  & Chief Yummy Officer
Yummy Spoonfuls





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