The Toxins That Threatens Our (kids) Brains


Many parents assume there is a rigorous testing process before a new chemical is allowed to be a part of our supply chain but truth be told there is very little evidence to support that. Our kids are being used as ‘science project’ for all these experiments and these toxic chemicals they are exposed to every day have been linked to cancer, early puberty, asthma, allergies and learning disabilities. By tackling toxic chemicals, we have a major opportunity to prevent some of these health problems. We need safer laws because our children deserve products that are free of toxic chemicals.

“We still don’t have any kind of decent law on the books that requires that chemicals be tested for safety before they come to market,” said Dr. Landrigan

We have to demand for laws that will protect our kids. Every little effort helps, don’t ever overlook the importance of any petition, the only way we are going to see change is for us to demand change. Subscribe to newsletter so you too can stay inform and don’t forget to call/email your congress Rep.

Here is an in-depth article by the Atlantic’s Dr.James Hamblin on some common chemicals and their effect on our brains especially those of our precious babies.

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