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Breast milk is baby’s first vaccine

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake WHO Director General Margaret Chan World Breastfeeding Week 2016 Message ______________________________________________________________________________

Breastfeeding: A Key to Sustainable Development

There is a reason why virtually every country around the world observes World Breastfeeding Week every year: Breastfeeding is one of the most effective — and cost-effective — ways to save and improve the lives of children everywhere, yielding lifelong health benefits for infants and their mothers.

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And increasingly, it is clear that breastfeeding is not only the cornerstone of a child’s healthy development; it is also the foundation of a country’s development. In fact, supporting breastfeeding is one of the smartest investments countries can make in the wellbeing of their citizens — and thus, in their own long-term strength. In low-, middle- and high-income countries alike, the benefits for individuals, families and societies include ending preventable child deaths, improving maternal and child health, boosting educational attainment, and increasing productivity.

These are some of the conclusions of the recent series on breastfeeding in The Lancet, which argues that improving breastfeeding practices makes the world healthier, smarter, and more equal. 1 The series — and much well-established evidence — underscore the links between investing in breastfeeding and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the universal global goals adopted by world leaders in 2015 that aim to end poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change by 2030.

For example, breastfeeding is a critical key in achieving SDG 2 and SDG3 — which include ending hunger, improving nutrition and promoting health and wellbeing.

Breastfeeding is one of the keys to reducing under-five mortality. Increasing rates of breastfeeding to target levels could save the lives of 820,000 children under 5 — 87 percent of them infants 6 months old and younger — every year. This represents around 13 percent of all under-five child deaths annually.

Breastfeeding also improves long-term health, decreasing the risk of non-communicable diseases, including childhood asthma and obesity. It can reduce the chance of diabetes and heart disease later in life. And longer duration of breastfeeding protects maternal health, helping reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancers.

1 The Lancet Breastfeeding Series, Vol. 387, No 10017, 30 January 2016 also can help drive the achievement of SDG4, which includes inclusive education and lifelong learning. Significantly, this goal also sets a target for early childhood development, identifying it as a crucial path to all sustainable development. Breastfeeding is an essential part of a healthy early childhood — supporting both physical and cognitive development. It is associated with higher cognitive ability, increased I.Q. scores and better learning and literacy outcomes — all of which can translate into increased productivity and earnings later in life.

These improved outcomes in health and learning in turn support the achievement of other goals — including SDG 1, 8 and 10, which concern ending poverty, promoting economic growth and reducing inequalities. Breastfeeding is a cost-effective way to increase human capital and stimulate economic growth. Globally, the cost of lower cognitive ability associated with lack of breastfeeding amounts to about US$300 billion annually, representing 0.49 percent of global gross national incomes. The health benefits associated with optimal breastfeeding could save billions of dollars in healthcare costs each year by greatly reducing hospital admissions for infectious diseases.

And breastfeeding can also play a roll in achieving gender equality, the central focus of SDG5. For example, exclusive breastfeeding can promote birth-spacing — enabling women to delay subsequent pregnancy and empowering them to exercise greater reproductive autonomy, especially in countries and communities where women have limited access to quality contraceptive information and care. In turn, this can increase the ability of women and girls to return to school, and to work outside the home and better support their families.

The evidence that breastfeeding benefits women, children, as well as communities and societies, has never been stronger — but breastfeeding rates have remained stagnant for the last 20 years. Too many children are missing out on this tremendous boost to their health and wellbeing. Too many women are not receiving the information and support they need to breastfeed successfully.

We can make faster progress toward all our development goals by better promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding. Now, a

s governments around the world develop budgets and

action plans to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, breastfeeding must be a policy,

programming, and public spending priority. For only greater political commitment matched

with practical action can make breastfeeding a part of every child’s healthy start in life, and

every society’s healthier, more equitable — and thus, more sustainable – future.

Mr. Anthony Lake  UNICEF Executive Director  and     Dr. Margaret Chan WHO Director-General

Love and light

Better breakfast and quinoa pancake recipe

quinoa pancakeWhat we put in our stomachs or feed our kids first thing in the morning sets the standard for the rest of the day, which makes breakfast the most important meal you can eat.Morning nutrients are essential because they affect how we look, feel, our energy level, brain power, alertness, our mood (happy, sad, lethargy, etc)…not to mention the body’s ability to fight off offenders.

Trying to eat and feed our kids a healthy wholesome breakfast can be a huge challenge for busy parents who are limited on time. There are a myriad of packaged ready-to-eat breakfast foods out there – everything from box cereals and breakfast bars to frozen pancakes/waffles and biscuits – all touting to be healthy though statistics continue to prove the contrary..Continue reading for recipe

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Organic banana blueberries spelt pancakes


This happened today for breakfast, banana blueberries spelt flour pancakes. Okay so we know fresh from scratch meals are more nutritious but let’s not talk about nutrients, let’s focus on taste.

Nothing beats the taste of made from scratch pancakes. …Seriously the moment you make fresh pancakes from scratch is that very moment you are going to stop buying pancake mix or frozen.

I remembered once I tried pancake at a friend and I knew from the very first bit it was from a box even though it was an organic mix. You will see from this recipe how easy it is to make, this took me less than 30 minutes this morning, pancakes are not like cake so you can easily ‘wing’ your way to a yummy meal, to thick add more liquid to light add more flour:)

Ingredients organic:
1 banana mashed
1 egg (Happy pastured)
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 / 4tsp salt
1 cup almond milk ( any will do )
1 / 2 tsp vanilla Pinch of nutmeg ( not necessary but I always use)
1 cup spelt flour
Oil for the griddle
Frozen blueberries

Add all wet ingredients and mix well, add flour and mix just enough, you don’t want to over mix. I don’t mix my blueberries in the batter, I add when it is on the griddle. For this shape and size I use a measuring tablespoon to fry..see previous pic on how it looks on the griddle. I serve with warm maple syrup and banana. And if you really want to take this a set further mill your grains:)

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Ramen Noodles Cause Heart Disease!

Screen shot 2014-09-07 at 12.50.41 AMIf you are still eating ramen noodles you want to read this article. .Scientists reveal it cause heart disease, stroke and metabolic syndrome. Please share with friends and family, it is frustrating to see products like this in our food supply chain..
Link to article

Thanks and have a wonderful day

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The food we feed our kids and the impact on their health!

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 12.21.28 PMThis video will show the impact of the food you feed your kids and their health. Diet is the most important way to keep a child’s immunity and defense mechanisms working, unless chronically or unusually ill babies are born with a powerful immune system that can be maintain with nutritious foods free of harmful toxins but unfortunately we live in a time when feeding our kids healthy wholesome food needs  extra effort and commitment. This video will make you think every time you feed your kids   Link to video


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CARRAGEENAN a controversial additive in milk is finally being removed!

carrageenanCARRAGEENAN an additive that is used as a ‘natural’ thickener and emulsifier in most milk products (organic/non-organic) is finally being removed by some companies, Change comes when we demand for it.

Please keep on reading your labels and never feed/eat any ingredients that you don’t know and have never researched it , While companies have to make profit we also have to protect our health especially that of our developing  children.  click link for complete details Huffingtonpost


Why your baby needs to be eating organic spinach

Spinach-smoothie-mugSpinach is a nutritional bonanza, studies  continue to validate it’s ability to protect against cancer, it prevent the body’s cell from undergoing mutation and blocks the formation of nitrosamines which are potent carcinogens. Now you see why fresh organic spinach needs to be a part of your baby’s diet  (raw for older babies, our sone had his 1st raw spinach smoothie at 9months or  very gently steamed for younger babies)

This smoothie is made with organic : spinach, mango, banana, coconut water and chia seeds. This smoothie is very creamy and just perfect for baby who has already tried ingredients listed above and rule out allergies etc.

We also make an amazing dish for babies with organic spinach, organic kale and organic beets call super-green . We make it fresh and ship free to you anywhere in the USA.. To order visit our website


Our babies and the foods we feed them..

fresh-is-best-agatha Feeding your baby (s) with intentionality and care will impart enormous benefits to their present and future health.

Freshly made food is far from easy, convenient or cultural-acceptable —but it is how families have been nurturing their babies for thousands of years and keeping them healthy.

Cook fresh for your baby (s) if you can or buy freshly made food, every child should have the pleasure of eating food that taste good, smells good, nourishing and not older than they are.  We are what we eat and our kids what we feed them.. #yummyspoonfuls

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Yummy Spoonfuls CEO/CYO talks Motherhood!

mommy-jz-mater-meaWritten by Lisa Kay
Photography by Tim Redman

There’s very little room for resting in entrepreneur Agatha Achindu’s packed schedule. Even when her two younger children have been tucked in bed for a few hours, Achindu is still at it, working on another round of paperwork and food prep that awaits her in the kitchen of her home in Atlanta. As the founder of Yummy Spoonfuls, a line of organic baby food sold in retailers like Whole Foods, sleep is a luxury the 46 year old left behind years ago, thanks to the demands of caring for her sons — Georges (23), Malcolm (15), and Jared-Zane (9) — and running her own business. Although the constant shuffle can be hectic, Achindu believes that the level of sacrifice is worth it.

“The biggest challenge to me is being in a million different places at a million different times because of how I choose to parent,” she says. “Everything is hands on. We don’t do any fast food. We don’t do any processed food. No matter how busy I am, we have to cook. That is my biggest challenge, but at the end of the day I am grateful that I have the opportunity and [the] willpower to do it.” Read complete story on mater mea’s link

Our CYO talks healthy eating with Mommy Noire magazine

Sometimes as women and mothers we have to be creative and resourceful and take matters into our own hands. That’s what we love about Agatha Achindu who saw a healthy baby food void and decided to fill it with her amazing company Yummy Spoonfuls, which was founded with the philosophy that healthy babies are happy babies. Each Yummy Spoonfuls meal is packed with all natural, fresh and flavorful ingredients that are 100 percent organic 100 percent of the time! How could we resist getting Achindu to sit down for a talk? Read on for a peek into the great time we had and the great things we learned from Agatha! –

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